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Fully installed (supply and installed) WaterMark – World-class 3-stage whole house 20″x4.5″ water filtration system

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Fully installed world-class 2-stage whole house water filtration system

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PURE4SURE presents one of the best products in the world that too fully installed at very reasonable prices. So sit back and enjoy pure water.

IMPORTANT: We offer a 20″ system with 0.5 microns NSF Carbon filter. Which means you would get even purer water. So keep away from all the scammers who are charging $1200 to $3500 for 10″ systems. Don’t get scammed by the looks only.

Twin 20″ x 4.5″ Big Blue Whole House Water Filter System


Water Filter System

Instantly improves the water quality in your home or business with this whole house water filter system. This filter fits easily into your house, kitchen, or industrial tank. The 20” X 4.5” twin water filter system also comes with filter cartridges and is ready to go, out of the box, and gives you and your family clean, pure water 24/7.

This world-class twin water filtration system features:
-Heavy-duty structure
-Quality design and finishing
-Double O’rings
-1 inch Brass inlet and outlet
-BPA free (we independently test the housing and pleated filter by SGS, the carbon is tested by NSF)
-Heavy-duty spanner
-Pleated sediment filter is for sand, rust, mud, particles, algae, filterable cyst, rust particle from old piping, animal parts, and any other sediments
-Pleated design for a maximum filtration capacity
-Our pleated filter made from durable polyester material (special ordered) and it is washable (limited time, largely depends on the type of dirt filtered)
-Carbon filter is NSF certified coconut shell based activated carbon block that reduces chlorine, bad taste, bad smell, and other chemicals and not only tested and certified for material safety it also produces nicer tasting filtered water compared to standard carbon

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